Madison Wesley is a market-leading joinery specialist in Newcastle Upon Tyne that creates bespoke kitchens, cabinetry and furniture for a wide range of discerning private clients and design professionals. We offer a seamless concept to completion service, dedicated to designing and manufacturing individually tailored joinery pieces and kitchens individually tailored to each and every client.
Innovative design and finishes are at the very heart of everything we do. Our interiors and architectural background, combined with our creative flair and manufacturing expertise, enable our highly-skilled production team to integrate the latest cutting-edge technologies and finishes into our furniture.

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Kitchen Design

We’ll create your perfect kitchen

Sometimes in this busy world we live in there simply isn’t the time to do everything so we pay a professional to do the things we can’t.

Our design service is completely FREE and includes a design consultation at your home with a highly experienced professional kitchen designer. It also includes a full set of drawings and an itemised quote for all the furniture needed for your new kitchen, all at the same prices as published on our site.

Madison Wesley, have always been very attentive to the requirements of the end user, over the years we have carried out careful analyses on the use of traditional kitchens and has perfected some methods aimed at improving the interaction between the end user and the entire kitchen “system”. When designing your kitchen we consider Ergonomic routes, Heights & Depths, Minimum distances all of which ensure you enjoy your kitchen as a completed project.

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Modular partitions

The most important revolution in domestic space at the end of the 20th century was undoubtedly the “open space” concept. An undivided space perfectly suited to contemporary lifestyles, that focused on flexibility of environments and of furnishings.

It is a well-known fact that open spaces give an airier appeal to home environments but the dispersion of odours from the kitchen to the living room remain an important factor to consider. Our recommendations for modular partitions will help in ensure your kitchen works better in open space if required as part of the design.

Kitchen Ventilation

All rooms that contain hobs, that use up air in the room they are installed in should have along with them some sort of ducting.

Ducting means adding fixed combustion air inlets, i.e. open ducts which can be either in the outside walls of the room itself or in a wall that connects to an adjacent room that has a duct that leads outdoors.  Madison Wesley will consider the correct type of ducting when planning your kitchen and make recommendations.

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the room in the home in which good lighting is more important than in other rooms: this contributes to reducing the risk of accidents and improves visibility during food preparation. Thus, it is necessary to carefully study both artificial and natural lighting by means of suitable windows and doors. Madison Wesley will consider  the options of both Artificial lighting and  Natural Lighting in the kitchen.


Madison Wesley have always been very attentive to the requirements of the end user, we have carried out careful analyses on the use of traditional kitchens and have perfected some methods aimed at improving the interaction between user and the entire kitchen “system”.

Madison Wesley when considering kitchen design will take into consideration:

  • Ergonomic Routes
  • Heights and Depths of Worktops
  • Minimum Distances
  • Suspended Cabinetry
  • Pull-Out Equipment

This ensures your kitchen works the way it needs to ensuring you enjoy the finished product.


The accidents that occur in our homes contrast with the way we usually consider them, i.e. as the safest places on earth. It is this basic idea that makes it difficult to clearly perceive the risks and dangers lurking in our homes. The most frequent coming from the young age group.

The kitchen is the room in the home where the greatest number of accidents occur and these are often due to wrong furniture installation. Madison Wesley will consider safety in the kitchen whilst designing your kitchen and make any recommendations.